bonsai farm



As we complete our eighth decade we choose to close for Winter 

We will open again in late August 2024.

Apologies for any inconvenience.


Select from a forest of bonsai trees.

67 Church St, Hawthorn.

Direct to the public sales from $55 to $5,000. Melbourne's oldest bonsai nursery.



pots,tools,wire and more.

since 1952.



Select from a forest of bonsai at

 67 Church St, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria.

Our bonsai range from $55 to $5000.


Visit our Bonsai garden at 67 Church St, Hawthorn.


Phone 9819 0888- 0405 759 030



A short film about Bonsai Farm by Adrian Patra.

Please click here to visit out WorldOfBonsai Series 2 Library

For more video please visit our video page

Pine bonsai from $88 to $5k
Pine bonsai from $88 to $5kMaple bonsai from $125 to $5kElm bonsai from $75 to $5kCedar bonsai from $95 to $1kJuniper bonsai from $75 to $5k

Bonsai Farm in Hawthorn pioneered online bonsai videos. Here's one of the most watched episodes