bonsai farm

I've finally been stricken with COVID19.

This has regretably bought forward our Winter 2024 closed period.

We're working in the background to maintain and create our bonsai.

We will open again in late August 2024.

Apologies for any inconvenience.


Select from a forest of bonsai trees.

67 Church St, Hawthorn.

Direct to the public sales from $55 to $5,000. Melbourne's oldest bonsai nursery.



pots,tools,wire and more.

since 1952.



Select from a forest of bonsai at

 67 Church St, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria.

Our bonsai range from $55 to $5000.


Visit our Bonsai garden at 67 Church St, Hawthorn.


Phone 9819 0888- 0405 759 030



A short film about Bonsai Farm by Adrian Patra.

Please click here to visit out WorldOfBonsai Series 2 Library

For more video please visit our video page

Pine bonsai from $88 to $5k
Pine bonsai from $88 to $5kMaple bonsai from $125 to $5kElm bonsai from $75 to $5kCedar bonsai from $95 to $1kJuniper bonsai from $75 to $5k

Bonsai Farm in Hawthorn pioneered online bonsai videos. Here's one of the most watched episodes