bonsai farm

Back in the 1970's our bonsai garden was created to engage and sustain us in the autumn of our lives. The plan panned out well until Covid. We've stayed busy nurturing our bonsai trees through lockdown but now we're faced with managing a re-opening plan. Were both fully vaxed but on the wrong side of 75 and vulnerable to the virus. The narrow paths and intimate nature of our bonsai garden present social distancing obstacles that pose a risk. We've chosen to hold off our opening until later in November.We look forward to seeing you then. 




Select from a forest of bonsai at

 67 Church St, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria.

Our bonsai range from $35 to $5000.

 Use our internationally acclaimed online, Lindsay Farr's World of Bonsai videoseries, available exclusively at our site and become successful in bonsai care and creation. 

Visit our Bonsai garden at 67 Church St, Hawthorn. phone 9819 0888



A short film about Bonsai Farm by Adrian Patra.

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