bonsai farm

Temporarily Closed due to a family health issue.

We hope to be back before spring.

Depending upon circumstance, appointments may be available for purchases.
Phone 9819 088 or 0405759030
No repotting service currently.


Select from a forest of bonsai.

67 Church St, Hawthorn.

from $45 to $5,000.



pots,tools,wire and more.

since 1952.



Select from a forest of bonsai at

 67 Church St, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria.

Our bonsai range from $55 to $5000.

 Use our internationally acclaimed online, Lindsay Farr's World of Bonsai videoseries, available exclusively at our site and become successful in bonsai care and creation. 

Visit our Bonsai garden at 67 Church St, Hawthorn. phone 9819 0888



A short film about Bonsai Farm by Adrian Patra.

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