Select from a forest of bonsai trees at Melbourne's oldest Bonsai Nursery.

Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10.30 till 4pm and. Closed  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and public holdays. Extended Christmas hours.

The range includes maples, elms, junipers, pines, fuchsia, pomegranate, azalea, figs and many more. Prices range from $50 for potted bonsai. The popular price range is from $88 to $250. Bonsai ages range from 3 years to 35 years.

Pots, tools, DVD's, books, wire and a great selection of bonsai trees with expert advice. Bonsai Trees are available to purchase at our Nursery. We do not ship bonsai trees. DVD's, Tools and books can be ordered at our online shop.

The idea of a bonsai nursery was born when I was 5 years old at my Fathers Croydon nursery. Bonsai Farm started in our East Hawthorn backyard before moving to Mt Dandenong in the early 1980's. Our Hawthorn Garden followed in the late 1990's.